Creditors Can Take Your Lawsuit

Jon Alper Creditor Rights

One problem of having a judgment entered against you is that the creditor’s attorneys can attack any lawsuit you have, or any claim which you may have in the future, against any third party.

Homestead and IRS

Jon Alper Homestead Exemption

A prospective client called and asked whether the Florida homestead protection extends to IRS debts where the IRS debt pertains to one of the two spouses who own the homestead.

Supercharged Creditors

Jon Alper Creditor Rights

There are some creditors against whom asset protection is extremely difficult. These creditors include government agencies such as the IRS, SEC, and FTC, and your spouse.

College 529 Plans

Jon Alper Florida Exemptions

529 Plans are named under the section of the IRS code that creates and regulates them. These plans provide for a way for a parent or grandparent to invest and save for a child’s education.

Beware Offshore Tax Scams

Jon Alper Offshore Planning

An Utah man will spend 10 years in federal prison for scamming more than 50 investors out of nearly 15 million dollars. Kirk Koskella was sentenced earlier this month in Utah for his role in setting up honey “offshore trusts” in the 90’s to reduce tax liability for investors in several states. Koskella is the first of eight people charged …

Physicians Dropping Ins. Article

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Another article about doctors dropping malpractice insurance in today’s (March 23, 2004) Wall Street Journal in the Personal Business Section. Article says doctors are trying to get patients to waive their right to file “frivolous lawsuits”. Also, physicians have threatened to file counter-claims against any patient who files lawsuit against them in order to intimidate patient and to delay the …